30 March 2023

5 Ways to Use OutmoreNI.com!

The clocks have leapt forward (an urgent reminder in case you missed this!) and we’re being treated to an extra hour of daylight today for the foreseeable future. As we write this, the sun is beaming, kids are playing outside and the Get Outmore campaign has just kicked off!

Get Outmore is designed to encourage people to get outdoors more often by using the website OutmoreNI.com for inspiration. OutmoreNI lists hundreds of outdoor trails and places all over Northern Ireland on an easy-to-use interactive map. For anyone new to the website, we have five tips on the best way to use it and get the most out of your experience on the site.

  1. Explore

One of the joys of OutmoreNI is seeing the sheer volume of outdoor options available to us in Northern Ireland. The interactive map is designed to be visually appealing and easy to distinguish the different trails and places from each other. Savour the variety of outdoors near you and enjoy mapping out which trails or places you’re going to visit on the next few nice days.

OutmoreNI tells you if the trails are child friendly, dog friendly and if they are free

2. Educate Yourself on the ‘Right Side of Outside’

In addition to encouraging more people into the outdoors, OutmoreNI also wants to ensure that our outdoor trails and places are well looked after. The Right Side of Outside is a number of direct messages intended to educate people into how best to safely enjoy and look after the outdoors. This includes things like ‘Always bring your litter home with you’ and ‘Check the weather and bring the right equipment’.

3. Follow us on Social Media

We know everyone always suggests following them on social media, but we think you’ll really enjoy ours. We occasionally get great content from people like Shane Todd, Paulo Ross and others who are much funnier and more talented than we are. We also love to see your snaps from the outdoors and share them on whenever we can! Tag us @outmoreNI and use #OutmoreNI. You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Some of the reels you can find on the OutmoreNI Instagram

4. Play with the Filters

Unlike when you frequent the swimming pool, playing with the filters on OutmoreNI.com is not only permitted, but encouraged. Sort the type of trail you’re looking for by activity (walking, cycling, mountain biking or canoeing); sort the place you’re looking for by Park, Forest, Beach, Nature Reserve or Other. Or, just find out what’s near to hand – filter by the county you currently live in and impress the neighbours with your knowledge of the area.

An example of walking trails located in Co. Tyrone

5. Sign up for our Newsletter

We don’t want to come on too strong, but we like you! Let’s keep in touch. OutmoreNI’s newsletter only comes out a few times a year, and we’ll do our best to share with you our best tidbits – blogs on great outdoor experiences, content from some of the big names you might know from Instagram who are enjoying Northern Ireland’s outdoors and any updates to the website, including the addition of new outdoor spots!

Thanks for reading this blog! We sincerely hope that OutmoreNI helps improve the ease and overall experience of your outdoors trips. Follow the Get Outmore campaign and our tips on the Right Side of Outside by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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