31 May 2022

Explore Mountain Biking in Northern Ireland with OutmoreNI.com

Mountain biking might not seem like the most obvious sport for everyone to pick up, but you’d be surprised at how accessible it is.

“Mountain Biking? But isn’t that dangerous?”

Mountain biking isn’t a one size fits all sport. The mind understandably conjures epic rock drops and high berms that are intended to inspire excitement in some special individuals and terror in the rest of the population.

As extreme as it may sound, mountain biking is for all purposes. The sport is about the gentle exercise as much as it is riding an uphill battle. The exploring and appreciation of nature as much as it is adrenaline surges. No matter what your ability is, you are guaranteed to get something out of your journey. To include everyone, the mountain bike trail centres dotted around Northern Ireland are colour coordinated based on abilities, similar to skiing, with green trails being the easiest, followed by blue, red and black.

There are mountain bike trails for all abilities

Okay, but where are these trail centres?

Don’t worry, we have your mountain biking map laid out to a tee, OutmoreNI is here to help! Our brand new site is where you can find trails all over Northern Ireland, all in the one place by simply clicking on the purple mountain biking icon. Also, if you are searching for shorter trails such as Barnett Demesne in Belfast and Blessingbourne Estate in Fivemiletown. Or the larger ones like Castlewellan, Davagh Forest, Gortin Glen and Rostrevor MTB Trails, we’ve got you covered as you’re spoiled for choice.

Trail lines are mapped out on OutmoreNI

Where do I get a bike?

Well we’re not going to stop there, as we’ve got you sorted on that too! The majority of mountain bike trail centres have trailhead providers who hire bikes, and you can find all contact information on OutmoreNI too. Just simply click on one of the mountain bike trail centres where you can find all the information you need.

In addition to providing bike hire and uplifts, some trailhead providers can also hook you up with a hot chocolate after a spin on the trails!

Where do I start?

We recommend starting at a trail centre with either green or blue mountain bike trails. Ideally, it would help by going out with an experienced mountain biker when you’re first learning, but just make sure there’s always someone there who knows what they’re doing, just in case you run into difficulty.

Anything else? If (or when) you fall in love with the world of mountain biking, you can find more information at MountainBikeNI.com.


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