1 May 2022

How to Park Your Car in the Outdoors

If you’re planning a little road-trip on a lovely sunny day, or a drive to escape the rainy day cabin fever, chances are there will be plenty of others with the same idea. The carparks will most likely be filled with other day-trippers, leading to the chaos of people parking wherever they can fit their vehicle. Unfortunately, by parking your car in these undesignated spots, you can end up blocking access for others. So here is our advice for how to park your car in the outdoors in Northern Ireland.

Radio DJ Pete Snodden turning up to a full car park. We all know that feeling!

Beware of locals

When visiting these destinations, it is crucial to ensure your car is parked in a designated space and to be aware of your surroundings. Upon arrival to your destination, please be considerate of locals and their accessibility. At the end of the day it is their home and they shouldn’t have to stop their everyday lives so you can enjoy a day out.

Beware of Emergency Services

Emergencies can happen at any given time, meaning all areas must always be made easily accessible for the emergency services. The best thing you can do to make sure you are not obstructing the emergency services from attending an emergency, is to ensure you are not blocking any access and to keep all roads and entrances clear.

Beware of Farmers

There are many people you must take into consideration when parking in new areas and farmers are no exception. Again, by parking in undesignated spaces, you may be blocking farmers gates and access to their livelihoods. To ensure you are not blocking them from accessing their land and machinery, you must park in a designated spot.

Plan B

If you arrive at your destination and the carpark is full, you may be inclined to squeeze the car in wherever you can, but this is not permitted. In the event of a full car park, you should start searching for other places nearby to visit. If you find yourself in an area you are unfamiliar with and are unsure of where to go, visit OutmoreNI for alternative places to visit.

For more information visit OutmoreNI.com 


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